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Select the required module and enter the chosen parameters including the battery type. Click 'Calculate' and the noise free resolution and the expected battery life will be displayed.

T24 Device Select your module.
Tx Interval (ms) Enter the transmission interval in milliseconds. The default is 333mS which is three transmissions per second.
Sample Time (ms) Enter the sample time in milliseconds. Increasing the sample time will improve the noise free resolution at the expense of battery life.
Load Cell Impedance (Ohms) Enter the loadcell impedance in ohms or the current drawn by any external sensor in the case of a T24-VA or T24-IA.
Usage Per Day (hours) What is the estimated number of hours per day that the device is likely to be awake. Remember that when not in use the modules enter a very low current deep sleep mode.
Battery Selecting a common battery type here will populate the usable battery capacity below.
Usable Battery Capacity (Ah) Enter the usable battery capacity. This may not necessarily be the published capacity.
Startup Time (ms) This optional feature allows time for an external sensor to start up. This is not required for load cells.
Low Power Mode Select this to enable the module to save power between transmissions. If the battery life looks too short check here to see if Low Power Mode is selected. This is not available of T24-SAf modules.